The sophisticated plantar fasciitis
insole solution.

Finally, a new generation of insoles backed by science.

Made by women, for women.

What's our difference?

Our founder Emily Smith is an Australian Podiatrist who has successfully treated thousands of cases of plantar fasciitis over 15 years using a specific combination of customised orthotic prescription & exercises.

Emily pioneered the range of Emily Braidwood insoles based on contemporary podiatry methods that restore and enhance normal foot function (rather than old school theories that block foot motion) to deliver über foot comfort and plantar fascia rehabilitation, without compromising shoe style.  

Our hidden differences.

Our patented footbeds are unlike any other insole on market. Although they may look simple, there is some serious technology infused into the engineering to ensure your plantar fascia is optimally supported and normal function is facilitated.

Enjoy immediate plantar fasciitis relief

With instantaneous comfort, our advanced EB FLATS formula multi-tasks to synchronise full foot support with luxurious cushioning and is clinically-designed to kick foot pain to the curb.


Why our products?

Trusted by professionals

Our products are prescribed clinically across Australia by Podiatrists, Physiotherapists & Physicians.

Made to perform

Backed by research, our breakthrough formulas are engineered and tested thoroughly.

100% guaranteed

Wear 'em in for 30 days and if you aren't raving about them to your besties, we will happily refund or exchange your purchase.

You shouldn’t have to choose between what looks good and what’s good for you.