Walk all day. Dance all night.

Footbeds to help you turn heads, not ankles.

Finally, freedom from pain with style to boot. Thanks, science! 
Our sophisticated footbeds inject instantaneous comfort and revolutionary support into all your favourite shoes, so you can look flawless, feel fabulous and love every minute from commute to cocktails!
The biggest step forwards in the history of insoles. 

Scientifically Engineered

These aren’t your standard drugstore insoles. Our footbeds are the product of a female Podiatrist's spectacular scientific breakthrough, thousands of clinical consultations and her obsessive quest to engineer luxurious, technologically-advanced footbeds that tick all the boxes.

Fiercely Female

With dance floors and boardrooms to conquer, your inner Meghan Sparkle can feel more like Meghan Debacle after an hour in your uber-chic stilettos. Born from one-too-many conversations with frustrated fashionistas just like you, we understand women need a product that truly works, so we made it.  

Future-proof Your Feet

It's much easier to prevent rather than cure. And it's the little things we do every day that lead to the best long-term outcomes. That's why we've made these babies so irresistible to wear in all your shoes, every day, so you can experience the structural and comfort benefits today, tomorrow and for years to come.  


The spectacular fashion breakthrough that no one sees.

It doesn’t get any easier, simply stick them in your favorite shoes and then step out in style. Here’s how to use ‘em.


Ginger & Smart Cobalt Blue stilettos with EB

"It is my mission to invigorate the joy of wearing fashionable footwear!

With over 12 years of clinical experience I have seen all kinds of foot disasters caused by heels and flatties. I am passionate about providing a luxurious yet cost-effective solution for women to avoid the night-ending burn, long-term injuries and painful foot deformities. 

We have blended innovative research, patented design and luxurious cushioning technology to deliver chic products that empower women to wear the shoes that they love without compromise."

"EB's are absolute GAME-CHANGERS"


"I love the footbeds... thank you so much! What a great product."

Tara Francis-Collective Hub Editor

"My gorgeous package arrived & inside did not disappoint. I am forever uncomfortable in heels & addition of the inserts immediately made a huge difference."


"I struggle to understand how something so thin, discreet and flexible can achieve such a radical change in my gait and in how long I can wear my "cute" shoes. Nonetheless, I'm a believer."

C. Robertson, Sydney

"I bought both the EB flats & EB stilettos because my constant foot pain was really cramping my style. With the EB's in I a immediately more comfortable & supported - AND I love wearing them."


"Who knew heels could be so comfortable! Who knew customer service could be so good?!"

J. Sexton, Sydney.

"OMG. After 9 months of pain in my foot, knee and agonising hip pain, one week on and this week is the first week I have been comfortable in months! No foot or knee pain and 80% reduction in hip pain. Genius!"

H. Smyth, Wollongong NSW.

"I've been searching my whole life for comfortable fashion shoes, with no real luck. I LOVE that with my Emily Braidwood's it doesn't matter what I buy I can add the support and have all day comfort. Absolute night-savers, thank you!"

N. Reed, Sydney.

"I'm using the EB FLATS in my work shoes, they are AMAZING! I have pain in one foot so on my days off I have been in my joggers with the foot strapped, but these little EB numbers have made a HUGE difference to my fashionable flats - no pain! Thanks!"

R. Costello. Wollongong NSW.

"Omg they are fantastic from the very first wear! I am telling everyone about them."

V. Evans, Sydney


We are passionate about empowering women. We pledge $5 AUD from every online purchase and 5% from every retail purchase to a charity dedicated to helping disadvantaged women get back on their feet through education & employment.