Our Pledge of Support.

Growing up on a boot-strapped farm in northwest New South Wales, Emily would sit on the water tank and dream of building an extraordinary life for herself. She was determined to go to university, create a purposeful life, and one day help others to do the same.

At Emily Braidwood, we’re passionate about social purpose. That’s why we support women to get on their feet through education and employment. We pledge $5 from every online purchase and 5% of every retail sale to the  Cathy Freeman Foundation, helping Indigenous children achieve their full potential in school and beyond.

Additionally, we are extremely proud to have partnered with Mizuno Australia to support the Gii-Dhuwi Marathon Program. This team of selected Aboriginal students from the Tamworth local area range from high achievers, emerging leaders and those facing barriers to success at school or home. They will train as a team and participate in the Australian Outback Marathon in July 2021 all while developing their sense of identity and connection to culture.

Thank you for helping us support Indigenous kids to learn and thrive x