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EB mission

Our mission is to enhance the lives and experiences of women by providing comfort and support when they need it most. By delivering stylishly executed, science-orientated products that transform fashionable footwear to be safe, supportive and functional, we want our products to inspire women globally to be extraordinary versions of themselves. We are dedicated to continue to be the pioneers of revolutionary research and development.


About Emily Smith

As a Sports Podiatrist to Sydney's elite athlete and corporate populations for over a decade, Emily Smith (the Founder of Emily Braidwood) specialises in creating customised antidotes to common problems experienced by millions of women today; foot pain, deformity and chronic injury.

Emily's unique clinical experience became the perfect foundation for a bigger goal: to identify the underlying reason to high heel pain and curate the ultimate solution - a concept that had eluded all others that came before her. Her discovery of a biomechanical trend sited universally across women in heels, regardless of their barefoot biomechanics, was the beginning of the Emily Braidwood project and the underpinning for a revolutionary footbed design.

Emily has combined her technical prowess and years of clinical mastery as a Podiatrist, with her fundamental female must-haves, to meticulously engineer the ultimate footbed range.

By day, Emily consults from not one, but three highly regarded Sports Medicine Centres in Sydney, Australia. She has a myriad of career achievements that cements her role as a contemporary thought leader, including working with Wallabies Rugby Union team, Bangarra Dance Theatre Company, many elite individual athletes. Emily is a go-to for professional opinion pieces and contributions for publications and magazines.
With an instant love-affair with the finer things in life, Emily is dedicated to collaborate her practical, clinical brain with her fun-loving, experience-chasing disposition.