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Our founder, Emily Smith, is an Australian Podiatrist with extensive clinical experience working within five of Sydney's most established sports medicine centres. Emily has consulted to elite sporting teams including the Wallabies Rugby Union, NSW Swifts, GWS Giants AFLW, Bangarra Dance Theatre and the Young Matilda's. She has also consulted with many elite individual and NSW Institute of Sport athletes.


Having cultivated over a decade of research findings to crack the code to high heel pain and subsequently innovate a patented insole product that ticks all the boxes for fit, form and function.

To summarise, the prior research has identified that in a heel over 4cm the subtlar joint inverts, the forefoot pronates (forefoot valgus) and the peroneal complex exertion is two fold. However the research has overlooked that activation of the Windlass Mechanism causes the foot to consistently supinate and therefore the peroneals to excessively exert to hold a neutral foot position. Once the peroneals fatigue, the flexors and extensors over exert (causing toe contracture) and the wearer is at significant risk of experiencing ankle injuries and debilitating foot pain. 

Our EB STILETTO patented design focuses support on the lateral foot with a full length valgus wedge, to prevent over-inversion of the rearfoot and support the forefoot valgus position, subsequently unloading the peroneals, minimising muscle fatigue and preventing inversion ankle injuries. 

The 12 minute webinar (below) was created as a technical overview of the science and product design. 

If you have any questions about the research or the product, please feel free to reach out at


The Emily Braidwood footbeds perfectly compliment a customised orthoses prescription for shoes where the customised orthoses won't fit, or are a cost-effective option for patients as an off-the-shelf orthoses in all styles of shoes. Our footbeds are customisable, transferable, reusable and skin-stickable - great for all barefoot sports and activities!

Podiatrists please find our products available for wholesale at Briggate Medical Company. For all other health professionals and shoes stores, please email to become a stockist. 


Our 100% EB GUARANTEE applies to clinical sales, however the product must be sold at RRP $49.95 to be eligible for a company refund. You provide the full refund to the patient, we refund you your cost price. We will require confirmation of the patient receipt, refund and wholesale purchase order before a refund will be provided.