An insole revolution inspired by long, uncomfortable nights cutting shapes on the dance floor.

It was the result of toosie sliding through her twenty's that provoked Australian Sports Podiatrist Emily Smith to pioneer an entirely new generation of insole technology. Yes, Emily found herself in her colleagues office, foot up, receiving a Cortisone injection straight between her toes. That day she decided enough was enough. 


Over the following months, Emily looked back through the patterns that had emerged in her clinical data, then conducted further investigation to test and retest her Stiletto Effect theory. It was here she unraveled the science that underpins the dreaded pain experienced by 8/10 women, a revolutionary discovery that had eluded researchers and health professionals for decades.


Emily immediately turned her attention to designing and testing insole prototypes, gathering feedback from hundreds of women, until finally she had identified the ultimate footbed formula and features that ticked all the boxes of fit, feel and function. This was the beginning of a new generation of footbeds. 


About Our Founder


With over 15 years of experience working with athletes and teams including the Wallabies, the NSW Institute of Sport, Bangarra Dance Theatre and NSW Swifts, Emily understands all kinds of important things about human biomechanics and movement, particularly when an out of the box approach is required. What that means is that Emily knows what it takes to say goodbye to avoidable foot and leg injuries and hello to getting more out of life!


Our Company Philosophy

INNOVATE: Offering Australian-engineered foot health solutions like no other, Emily Braidwood champions fashion and function. We’ve dedicated thousands of research and clinical hours to refining our patented product formulas, to ensure they tick all the boxes for fit, feel and function. 

INFORM: With 77% of people experiencing foot pain in their lifetime, our vision is to reduce the incidence of foot pain by two-thirds, by 2040 through our education portal.   

IMPACT: We’re committed to helping women step safely, comfortably, and confidently. That’s why we pledge $5 from every online sale and 5% of every retail sale to empowering disadvantaged women through education and employment.



Want to learn more? Emily talks all things feet & answers common questions in THE FOOT PAIN MASTERCLASS