A luxury foot health brand born in Australia, Emily Braidwood designs revolutionary insole products that equally champion fashion and function, to enhance the lives of women. Our DNA is firmly anchored in innovation and research with thousands of clinical hours cultivated to meticulously engineer our product formulas.

Our company purpose is to empower women to enrich their health, career and lifestyle, whilst preserving their body, preventing pain & maintaining their freedom of footwear choice. With 77% of the population experiencing foot pain in their lifetime, our aim is to reduce the incidence of foot pain by two thirds, by 2040, through education and innovative products.   

With 8/10 of women suffering silently in fashion shoes, our vision is to minimise the physical, economic & environmental cost of fashion shoes, without compromising shoe-drobe style. 

Our core mission is centred around supporting women and we’re dedicated to helping women step out confidently, comfortably and safely. That’s why we pledge $5 from every online sale and 5% of every retail sale to empowering disadvantaged women through education and employment. 


Emily Braidwood is founded by a renowned Australian Podiatrist, Emily Smith, who is dedicated to pioneering contemporary methods within the podiatric and footwear industries. With more than 14 years of unique experience working within Australia's top Sports Medicine Centres, her expertise is nested in the optimisation of human mechanics and performance.

But it was the clashing of a brides dream and a love-hate relationship with high heels that provoked an entirely new generation of insole technology. This is how it unfolded...


Emily's wedding day was a stormy Sydney day in November 2010. Minus the downpour, the day was all that she had imagined, a celebration of love with her nearest and dearest. However the foot aftermath was a nightmare. Emily bore the consequences of many hours spent in her spectacular shoes for her entire honeymoon. Every morning in the tropical paradise where she was supposed to be adventuring with her new husband, she woke up with excruciating pain in her feet and weak, aching legs. She couldn’t even scrunch her toes to keep her thongs on and her calves screamed in protest whilst trying to climb the stairs. So much for evening hikes to soak up the sunset or dreamy morning walks along the beach. Instead, she spent much of her honeymoon lying facedown on the massage table. Which, ok wasn’t the worst thing, but it was far from relaxation bliss. As a matter of fact, as she lay on the table, she was busy having a breakthrough that would send her on a quest to free women from high-heel foot pain once and for all.


Thinking back at lightning speed through the patterns that had emerged in her decade of clinical experience, combined with the lightbulb clarity from her own present pain - and epiphany struck! It was here she unraveled the science behind "The Stiletto Effect", a revolutionary discovery that cracked the high heel enigma that had eluded researchers and health professionals alike for decades. 


The moment Emily returned home she set out to conduct preliminary research to test her theory. With every patient Emily simply asked them to raise onto the ball of the feet. Every patient, male and female, the foot and ankle rolled out when pushing beyond a 4cm high calf raise. Emily noticed that even when the person was directed to maintain a neutral position, as they fatigued the foot rolled out again. Emily immediately turned her attention to designing and testing insole prototypes. She gathered feedback from hundreds of women, until finally she had identified the ultimate footbed formula and features that ticked all the boxes of fit, feel and function. This was the beginning of a new generation of footbeds. 


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