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Our High Heel Pain Discovery.

Lab coats on, ladies! It’s time to learn the science of footwear.

In a nutshell, the windless mechanism (a widely researched biomechanical principle) is responsible for raising your foot’s arch when your weight is loaded onto your big toe, creating a rigid lever to propel your foot forwards.

When you wear heels higher than 4cm (1.5 inches), the windless mechanism is activated. Most of your weight is distributed through the front of your foot, like if you were doing a calf raise exercise.

The windless mechanism causes your foot to roll outwards (sickling, in ballet terms). This means that your leg muscles have to work harder to stabilise your ankle and maintain equilibrium through your foot. Here comes the burn! The higher your heels, the harder your muscles have to work and the more quickly they tire.

Once the muscles around your calves, ankles, and feet begin to fatigue (anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours), your toes will start to grip your shoes for stability. This is when you enter the danger zone for ankle injuries and long-term deformities.


Our Patented Podiatrist Design.

Until now, insole manufacturers have focused on supporting the inner arch and cushioning the back of the foot. But traditional arch support only adds to rolling out issues, amplifying the stiletto effect.

We say that this approach just isn’t good enough. And where there’s a woman, there’s a way! Enter our revolutionary insole formula. Our patented insoles are designed by a skilled sports podiatrist, relying on years of clinical expertise to get foot support right.

What is a podiatrist, you ask? A podiatrist is an expert in foot, ankle, and leg health, diagnosing and treating a range of issues and injuries to help people like you get where you need to go. That, of course, is also the mission of the Emily Braidwood brand. 

Emily Braidwood insoles provide balance from heel strike to push off, promoting optimal muscle activation and foot alignment. Our HEXAGEL x MEDIGEL formula makes it possible to achieve comfort in style.

We tried, tested, and refined our design until it ticked all the boxes. The result? Our podiatrist-designed insoles, which focus on the outside of the foot, stabilising and reducing muscle fatigue. With slimline lateral wedging, our insoles keep your foot in neutral alignment. Our insoles are suitable for flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis, and many other common causes of foot pain.

Plus, our shoe insoles are slim fit – perfect for football boots to dancing shoes and all things in between. Our insoles are designed to promote normal foot motion, protect feet and ankles from injury, and deliver comfort and stability with ease.

This means no more fatiguing, overloading, or rolling out in your favourite party shoes! With the science to back us up, you can rest assured that our formula is well researched and designed to prepare your feet for a well-travelled future.

Up until now, insole companies have applied the same misguided support strategy from flat shoes to high heels: supporting inner arch and providing lifeless cushioning to the ball of the foot.

With 8/10 women suffering in high heels, we knew there had to be a scientific answer! And as you know, where there's a woman, there's a way!

Our discovery highlighted that traditional arch support only makes the rolling out of the foot worse, amplifying the “Stiletto Effect”. So we trailed, tested and refined, until we found an insole formula that ticked all the boxes. 

Our unique patented design incorporates all of our findings to focus support on the outside of the foot, stabilising the outside ankle while simultaneously reducing muscle fatigue. The slim-line lateral wedging keeps your feet and ankles in their neutral alignment, preventing rollout, overload, and muscle fatigue, all while keeping your stride glamorous!


Our Unique Features To Take You Through Your Stride.

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