The Emily Braidwood Science

Okay ladies, lab coats on! In a nut shell, the windlass mechanism (a widely researched biomechanical principle) is responsible for raising the arch when the weight is loaded onto the big toe, creating a rigid lever for the foot to propel forwards in locomotion.

When your foot is placed in a high heel over 4cm (1.5 inches), the windlass mechanism is consistently activated due to the weight being primarily loaded on the forefoot, similar to that of the toe-off phase of walking or undertaking a calf raise exercise.

Because activation of the windlass mechanism rolls the foot outwards (sickling in ballet terms) the leg muscles are required to work really hard to stabilise the ankle and keep a neutral equilibrium through the foot. This is where the burning begins, and walking become a survival mission. The higher and more stiletto-like the heel, the harder the muscles work and the more quickly they will fatigue. 

Once the muscles around the ankle, calf and feet fatigue (typically between 30 mins - 2 hours depending on conditioning) and then the toes grip for dear life trying to maintain stability, this is the danger zone for major ankle injuries and long term deformities.



Up until now, insole companies have applied the same misguided support strategy from flat shoes to high heels: supporting inner arch and providing lifeless cushioning to the ball of the foot.

With 8/10 women suffering in high heels, we knew there had to be a scientific answer! And as you know, where there's a woman, there's a way!

Our discovery highlighted that traditional arch support only makes the rolling out of the foot worse, amplifying the “Stiletto Effect”. So we trailed, tested and refined, until we found an insole formula that ticked all the boxes. 

Our unique patented design incorporates all of our findings to focus support on the outside of the foot, stabilising the outside ankle while simultaneously reducing muscle fatigue. The slim-line lateral wedging keeps your feet and ankles in their neutral alignment, preventing rollout, overload, and muscle fatigue, all while keeping your stride glamorous!