Let's be honest. There are many shoe insoles on the market that fail to impress... and we encourage you to check them out! Why? Because you'll notice (more-than-a-few) similarities between them all. They all come out of the same catalogue and provide lifeless, cheap forms of cushioning and support. They are all a chip of the old block.


      Our main differences are in our research, unique patented formula, company ethos, luxurious materials and design technology. Not to mention our female founder who knows a-thing-or-two about feet & footwear, and LOVES to educate anyone who'll listen (follow our socials for all of her fun foot facts). 


      We know (because we have conducted the research) that 8/10 women suffer in heels. Ladies, we've all been there. It's the absolute pits! Lucky for you we have just the product to help you get your glamour on comfortably and safely, day in, day out. 

      But it's not only high heels that are to blame for our foot woes. Fashionable flats play a massive role in the onset of foot injuries. Those cute ballet flats and white sneakers? Yep, they are likely contributing to your back ache, knee pain, shin splints or foot troubles.  


      We set out to engineer a product that made looking after your feet a non-negotiable, without restricting your shoe-drobe freedom. So we researched rather than reproduced, innovated rather than regurgitated. We listened and refined. Trialled and tested.

      >>OUR SMARTS

      Ladies, our HEXAGEL X MEDIGEL formulation is unrivalled for comfort, support, fit, smarts and durability. The graduated HEXAGEL technology seamlessly integrates out patented support, whilst the air-infused anti-gravity pods feel like a dream under foot. Seriously, there is nothing lifeless about these beauties. 


      And better still... they are anti-bacterial and seamlessly transferable from shoe to shoe without ruining your footwear. When you wish to transfer your EB footbeds, gently peel it back to remove it from the sole, spray it with water, then pop them in another pair of your favourite shoes. Voila!