Let's be frank. There are many fashion shoe insoles available at your $2 shop, pharmacy, supermarket and online. In fact, we encourage you to check them out! Why? Because you'll notice (more-than-a-few) similarities between them. They all subscribe to the theory of mildly supporting the arch and providing lifeless, cheap forms of cushioning. They are all a chip of the old block. 

Our difference is in our research, our ethos and ultimately our design technology. We decided to research rather than reproduce, innovate rather than regurgitate. Our patented formulas, engineering, luxurious materials and experience are the secret ingredients that set us apart from our competitors.

And although our top layer is the goods, it is what’s underneath that counts. We exist to make a difference to the women of the world by bringing back the joy when wearing fashionable footwear. We are dedicated to bring you the best experience in your shoes, now, and for the future.

We are different because we are only a click away if you want to unload your days gripes, pick our brains for advice or just require some extra TLC with your product. Don’t hesitate to holler! 


Curated for the party-goers, corporates, wanderlusters, commuters, brides-to-be and the social queens, our Emily Braidwood (EB) collection boasts a selection of insoles designed to compliment your #OOTD for every occasion. Each pair of our EB's are injected with our clinically-designed formula, and unique architecture to allow you to truly express yourself while supporting you seamlessly every step of the way. Comfort goes well with any look, oui


We wanted to ensure our difference can be felt. Which is why we’ve invested in the highest-performing quality cushioning material used in high-end running shoes. There is nothing lifeless about these beauties. They bounce back from morning to midnight so you can be rest assured knowing your EB insoles will provide you with the luxurious comfort, utmost support, and the extra mile that your feet deserve.


Unlike any other insoles available in today’s market, our insoles are meticulously curated to provide cutting-edge support exactly where you need it, and not where you don't. We know the modern woman, her gripes, and her needs; that's what we do best. Born to integrate fashionable footwear with functional engineering, our blueprint is backed with proven clinical results that have taken women to greater heights, greater places and created greater opportunities.  


We love economically sustainable and practical products. Our luxurious materials are naturally antibacterial and antifungal, so you know your feet are looked after inside and out. We want our tribe to transition effortlessly from office to evening, so with every purchase from us, you will receive complimentary adhesive spots that will allow you to transfer your insoles between compatible shoes - giving you functionality and freedom of choice across your entire shoe-drobe spectrum.


We talked to hundreds of women to ensure we ticked all the boxes with form, fit and function. We have made these slimline beauties effortlessly blend within all styles of fashionable kicks, so no-one else will know they’re there.  

Do you want to know more about how EB's stand out from the rest?