We are here to make your Emily Braidwood experience as enjoyable as possible. Here we answer our frequently asked questions however if you still have a question lingering, we are here to help on hello@emilybraidwood.com.

  1. How do my EB insoles stay in place within the shoe? Your EB insoles come with discrete Velcro that keeps the EB's securely where you want it. 
  2. Are the EB's visible? For a open-back / sling back / mules we recommend adhering the insole approx 10mm forward of the back of the shoe so it is always covered by the foot. Our insoles have a sophisticated aesthetic that is designed to blend with the sole of the shoe. 
  3. Can I re-use my EB insoles? We love economically sustainable products, therefore we provide you with three pairs of velcro so you can easily transfer your insoles between your favourite shoes. Carefully pull the insole away from the shoe when transferring. 
  4. How do I position the velcro accurately? The insoles come with the rough velcro attached at the heel and the forefoot. Simply peel the soft / white Velcro off the supplied card, place the soft / white velcro onto the rough / black velcro, position the insole within the shoe with the white sticky side down and apply pressure. 
  5. Can I remove the Velcro from my shoe? The Velcro is removable from the sole of the shoe however will not move without specific force. 
  6. How do I care for my EB insoles? The insoles are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. For a spring clean, simply remove the insoles from the shoe, wipe over gently with soapy water and leave out to dry (not in direct sunlight). Add your favourite essential oil to the water for a beautiful scent. 
  7. Do I need multiple pairs of EB insoles for different types of shoes? We currently have two styles in our collection, EB stiletto and EB flats. EB stiletto is designed for any heeled shoe higher than 1.5 inches (4cm) as it has the unique support and cushioning required specifically for a high heeled shoe. The EB flats range is engineered with arch support suitable for footwear less than 4cm heel height. 
  8. How long are my EB insoles expected to last? If you are wearing EB's regularly we expect them to last between three to six months. Over this time the footbeds are expected to show slight signs of wear including friction over the logo. The materials are delicate so will require gentle handling outside of the shoe. To ensure you always have the ultimate in cushioning and support, update your EB's when your EB logo has worn away.