Why is it that just a few hours in high heels can lead to such excruciating pain?

As our founder, Emily Smith, discovered from her own personal experience, as well as a decade of clinical experience and research, it’s due to a phenomenon Emily termed the “Stiletto Effect”.

Here’s what it looks like in action...


When your foot is placed in a high heel over 4cm (1.5 inches), your big toe extends, causing your arch to naturally raise and your foot to roll outwards. The steeper the angle and the longer you stand or walk in those beautiful shoes, the more muscle strength you need to keep your ankles from rolling out.

Once the muscles around your ankle and in your calves fatigue (typically between 1-3 hours), your toes start scrunching and the lateral ankle stabilising muscles are required to overcompensate.

Finally, when even these muscles burn out, your toes grip for dear life trying to keep you upright, the dreaded burning in the ball of your feet begins, and you risk taking an embarrassing stumble or even long-term ailments such as “hammer toes” and “neuroma’s” may start to creep in.

What this discovery highlighted was that traditional arch support only makes the rolling out of the foot worse and amplifies the “Stiletto Effect”.

The light bulb switched on as Emily realized why the traditional clinical methods and standard off-the-shelf generic insoles, weren't the magic solution.

By flipping conventional beliefs on their head, Emily focused on providing support along the outside of the foot to prevent the foot and ankle from rolling out. No more toe scrunching, ball burning, tired feet, or aching calves.

Working with hundreds of corporate women seeking freedom from foot pain, Emily delved deeper into her research and used bespoke prescriptions to refine her revolutionary footbed prototypes. Observing these patients’ previous patterns and the success stories now rolling in, it became astoundingly obvious there were two underlying reasons behind high-heel related pain:

  1. The force put on the ball of the foot by the angle of the shoe
  2. The muscle fatigue created by the instability of the heel

Thousands of clinical hours ensued finalizing the uniquely comprehensive insole design that fused cutting-edge science with advanced cushioning technology to provide superior support to the entire foot.

This birth of a patented, innovative collection of insoles was the beginning of a high heel engineering revolution.


Up until now, multinational insole companies and Podiatrists alike have applied the same misguided support strategy from flat shoes to high heels: redistributing forces through inner arch support and uniformly cushioning the ball of the foot.

There’s a reason women have been complaining about foot pain for decades, the old model simply doesn’t work!

Our difference is our unique design that focuses support on the outside of the foot, stabilising the outside ankle while simultaneously reducing muscle fatigue. The slim-line lateral wedging keeps your feet and ankles in their neutral alignment, preventing rollout, overload, and muscle fatigue, all while keeping your glide glamorous and in stride.

By minimising muscle overload and fatigue, you experience 70% more foot comfort and you wave goodby to a majority of the mechanics that cause the dreaded "grandma's toe problems."